UCB — Fall 2013 / Week

Project Schedule

October 31

Your project should be approved, you should have your repo setup and your main dataset downloaded. You’ve started to examine your data in R or Excel or D3, and have a vague sense of what you want to make. You should be starting to contact your, er, contacts and setting up any interviews if needed. You should have identified any secondary datasets you’ll need and should be collected them this week (like geo shapefiles, or census demographic info, etc…).

November 7

All your data should be collected and organized in your repo. You should have made first contact with any experts you’ll need to help explain your findings. You should have several sketches in R or D3.

November 14

You should have a starting of your final HTML document, even if it’s just some text and R sketch screenshots. You should have a very good sense of what you’re building and what technologies you will need.

November 21

Your HTMl document should be taking shape. If you’re using R, you should have at least screenshots of sketches for all your final visualizations (very rough is totally fine). If you’re using D3, you should also have substantially coding progress made – datasets are loaded and in the correct format, topojson files are generated if needed. If you’re trying to do more than one D3 chart on a page, now is a good time to refactor so things work well together.

December 5

This will be a last minute sanity check. Everything should be mostly in place, any interactivity should be mostly working. This last week should be reserved for design tweaks, text rewrites and polishing.

December 12

Your project must be published with a final URL by the beginning of class. You will give a brief overview of your project and are required to be gracious during your classmates thunderous applause.